Interior Color Trends for 2016

I have to be honest, I have commitment issues when it comes to color. Don't get me wrong, I love color, lots of color, just so long as its in someone else's house. This year however, I resolve to join the rest of the world and add some color to my home. So, I've done some research and I have to say that I am excited about the trending interior home colors of 2016. 
This year it seems that the base of the interior starts with neutrals (so far, I'm liking the sound of that) that are combined with beautiful jewel tones. Think jade, ruby, rose quartz, you get the idea. There are no shortage of beautiful combinations of these bold colors when paired with understated neutrals and metallics. 


How beautiful is that color palette? It just says, happy. Here are 3 really easy ways to incorporate these eye catching colors into your home this year.
1. First, check out this beautiful dining room accent wall in our Willow Creek Crossing model in Burleson. An accent wall is the perfect way to add a splash of color without committing to a full room color make over. When paired with neutral walls and furnishings, this emerald color really pops.
2. The beautiful colors found in this years color trends can be pulled right out of nature. Another great way to add them subtly into your house is to bring the outdoors in like these beautiful succulents. Even better, succulents are very low maintenance so even I can keep them alive...which is saying something folks.
3. The third and final tip (and my favorite) is accessorize! Add these bright hues via accessories such as rugs, pillows and art work, and you can splash them throughout your home without nearly as much commitment as painting a wall or buying new furniture. (Which is why its my favorite obviously!) 
For more tips and ideas, check back for more of our John Houston Custom Homes blog, Tips on Tuesday.