How to Become a #jhhappyhomeowner

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You've probably seen them around town. Walking through the local grocery store, elementary school, church or even sitting next to you at work with beaming smiles. They have been known to congregate on billboards along our highways and through the very local magazines that you enjoy flipping through. Lately, I've even noticed their faces splashed across various social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. John Houston Homes Happy Home Owners. Who are these people you may be asking yourself? Why are they so happy? How can I be just like them?

Take heart fine readers, there is a way. Read on and you too can be on your way to becoming a #jhhappyhomeowner. 

There are various ways you can begin this journey. Walking into one of our beautiful model homes at any of our John Houston Custom Homes communities, you will be greeted by one of our seasoned sales professionals. This is a great way to start!


Not sure what community will be right for you? Not a problem! Our online Sales Team is standing by to answer any and all questions that you may have. They have knowledge on all our communities and are happy to help point you in the right direction and set an appointment for you with one of our Sales Managers. Talking to a live person whenever you call any of our numbers you see listed may seem like a foreign concept but not at John Houston Homes. We know the importance of speaking directly to a person and are happy to be of assistance to you. Call  866-646-6008 today to get started!

Whether you have decided to build a new home or purchase one of our beautiful inventory homes, our in house lender is available to assist you with all of your home loan needs and questions. From pre-approval to close, you're guaranteed to get the best customer service with a team that cares about every step of the process as much as you do. 

Now comes the really fun part! Are you ready? Building and choosing all the details in your new home may sound a bit overwhelming. But fear not! At John Houston Homes, every part of our team that you come into contact with, from our sales team to our builders, wants to ensure that your experience is as smooth as possible. Why you might ask? Because we know that we are building more than just your home, we are helping you build your story! 



You will have the joy of meeting our design team at our design center where they will be able to assist in picking out the beautiful details that will become your home. Each one of our design team members have amazing attention to detail and can help navigate you through the list of todays latest trends or help you to choose those timeless pieces that will help make your house a home. See, I told you this was fun! You're well on your way now to becoming a #jhhappyhomeowner!


Once your home is complete and you have walked through to ensure that your home is everything that you've dreamed, the keys will be handed over to you. I don't believe this will be anywhere in your paper work but just prepare your face muscles now for the overabundance of smiling that will be taking place. We love when our Happy Homeowners share their stories with us and we love to share them with the community. Your stories are apart of our story. 

Thankfully, the story doesn't stop there, we love being apart of our home owners lives long after the ink has dried. Look out for our various community events throughout the year including our Fall Festivals and Photos with Santa. Nothing gives us more joy then seeing our happy homeowners over the years and being an ongoing part of their life. 

So, there you have it! What are you waiting for!? You too can be a #jhhappyhomeowner and we're looking forward to help build your story.