Customer Testimonial: Marvy and Dude Washington

At John Houston Custom Homes, building lifelong relationships is the foundation of all that we do. Read all about some of our newest #happyhomeowners, Marvy and Dude Washington below. Want to join them and #buildyourstorywithus? Visit our website today to learn more!

The Washington’s Story

The more I live, the more I understand that God always has a plan for our life.  Little did I know, after our mom past 13 years ago that I’d be strong enough to care for my special needs brother. The purchase of our first home, for me was a miracle but it happened. Now, 12 years later, we had outgrown that home but what caused the prompt to search for something else was because  it did not provide comfortable livable space needed for my brother to live and to enjoy.   After much prayer, we started the process of searching for the right home with what we needed for my brother (Dude).  


We searched many home builders, in many surrounding areas, some we felt that it could be the right one. I believe God blesses us with the desires of our hearts when we listen for his voice.  So, one day in May our search took us to Rosebud subdivision in Midlothian and after sharing with him what we were looking for he suggested we take a look at Texanna Ranch.  When we drove in, I felt like George and Weezy from The Jefferson’s TV show.   LOL   A little nervous about going in but from the time we open the door and met our sales manager, our fears were put to rest.  She was so attentive and kind to me and my brother.   It was our sales manager who told us the story about John Houston and his Faith of what he believed God wanted him to do.  Of course, I left that day, running to the internet to read on this builder, and the rest is history.  We were sold!  As of May 30, 2015 we signed our contract.

 It has been an amazing journey.  Our sales manager was very kind and professional.  My special needs brother (Dude) simply took to our sales manager like he was an old friend. Dude would say on many occasion, I love this guy.  He was very thorough and carefully guided us through our purchasing process. Every question and concern was addressed quickly.  We felt like a part of a wonderful new extended family who actually prayed for us as we did for them.  Some days I would just call to just say hello.  There was no pressure selling, the team always said that they simply wanted us to be happy with our choices.  Every segment of our purchasing process was presented by well trained, kind hearted individuals.  I remember going to Fort Worth Lighting to choose our light package/fixtures, which was new to me because usually it was done at design center.  I believe in my heart that John Houston’s staff tailor designs each person’s home to fit them.  Ours was no different, except, we met Mr. Anthony, owner of Fort Worth Lighting who personally walked around with me to help me choose the right lighting for our new home.  Not being used to this sort of service can be overwhelming but the kindness and professionalism exhibited to us was life changing.  What an amazing team.  

 Of all the great things we experience with JH, nothing could be more life changing than the date we were to close:  March 10th.   This was the worst date imaginable as in 2012 we were carjacked on that date. Such a horrific event that I questioned and even tried to change but GOD assured me He was giving us a new memory. Hallelujah!  

 Our new home, we LOVE IT and we know our Mom does too.  The greatest joy is being able to bless my brother with a home catered for him, from my heart to John Houston’s Design Team to our blessed reality!   My brother and (Butch Michael-our doggie) loves walking out in our back yard to see our neighbors horses.  We couldn't have chosen a more beautiful location.  The structure and workmanship is unlike anything we've experienced and we are grateful for it all. 


Our prayer is that God continue to grow John Houston mission and vision with outstanding construction supervisors  who actually prayed with you... (I mean, WHO DOES THAT??)  That's a kind of business the world need to experience!  Building not just homes but relationships through Gods love, kindness, selfless service, generosity and fairness, all through a Christian Builder, named John Houston.


The goal of building relationships was successfully achieved in our book.  Not only did we build a fabulous home with a Christian builder who shares our beliefs but we have built a wonderful relationship with new friends.


We are grateful to have chosen John Houston to be a part of this Blessed journey.   Truly, God is able.  Ephesians 3:20


God Bless You All,


The Washington's

Marvette (Marvy), Prentice (Dude) and Butch Michael