Inspire Future Builders This Summer

This summer your kids are likely to let out the age old summertime whine, "I'm bored." When that moment comes, we want to help you be prepared with this list of fun crafts and activities sure to inspire your little future builder. If your kiddos love to see how things are built and put together or if you would like to inspire a love of building, these fun ideas are perfect! 

*5 Engineering Challenges Using Clothes Pins, Craft Sticks and Clips

This fun challenge taken from Frugal Fun for Boys, is perfect for young school aged children and older and offers fun challenges to help use their imagination. Exploring ideas like how to build a bridge, how to support the most weight and more is exciting and gets those wheels turning that are often times dulled by the laziness of summer. 

*Build a Fairy Garden
This may appeal to the girls a little more but Fairy Gardens are all the rage right now and are such a fun project to do together with your kiddos. This can also add some sweetness and decoration to the outdoor areas of your home. 

Take this fun article written by the Today Show to discover "9 Enchanting Fairy Gardens to Build With Your Kids." This takes imagination to a whole new level. 

* Building With Shapes for Toddlers
If your kids are still toddlers, I love this fun and easy idea that's sure to allow for endless hours of fun with a few simple items. Contact paper turned sticky side out, tape and foam shapes. That's it! 

Place this fun activity in a central location and sit back and watch your little ones imagination come to life as they build buildings, cars and so much more. 

*Blanket Forts
It's an age old classic. Kids love them, adults love to reminisce about them (okay, adults love them too!) and they are the perfect family fun on a hot summer day. 

Let your child's imagination run wild. Fill them in on your favorite childhood tips for creating a perfect fort. Have fun together! 

John Houston Custom Homes loves inspiring future home builders and these ideas are fun and easy ways you can do just that as a family. To find out more about what previous generations of fort builders, shape stackers, and stick creators have built, visit our website and take a tour of our available homes and communities. Happy building! #buildyourstorywithus