5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Homes Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is a very important and often over looked feature in your home. While it is certainly a must have when selling your house, curb appeal doesn't need to go by the way side if you aren't in the market to sell your home. Added curb appeal shows pride in ownership, adds value to your home and your neighborhood and at the end of the day can bring joy to you and those who pass by. 

Spring is my favorite time to spruce up the exterior of my home. Spring itself is a time of renewal and what better time then now when the days are soon to be longer and warmer to spend some time outside. Here are a few of my favorite ways to add curb appeal and add a little happy to your home this spring. 

1. Clear out the clutter
Just like the spring cleaning you do in your house, your yard needs to be tidied up and trimmed once winter decides to make its way out. There are often times dead remnants and leaves from the cold months that need to be cleared to make way for the new growth trying to make its debut. Trimming and reshaping trees and bushes can instantly create an eye catching, clean look to your yard. 

2. Add color
Color is naturally occurring everywhere in the springtime with blooms popping up all around. Don't let your yard miss out on all the fun! A simple trip to your local nursery and a couple flats of annuals and viola! Instant color and curb appeal with little money and only a few hours of work. 

3. Brighten up your exterior
Don't forget your house! Now that your yard looks amazing, don't neglect the other parts of your home that can benefit from some added color. My favorite is a punch of color with a new coat of paint to your front door. This little touch adds some personality to your home and instantly adds curb appeal and sets your home apart from the crowd. Don't want to make any changes that require that much commitment? Adding colored pots or outdoor furniture can give that added punch with out the permanence. 

4.Get crafting
Pinterest is bursting at the seams with fresh spring crafts for the exterior of your home that even the least crafty people can get in on. Wreaths made up of natural elements like branches, moss and spring flowers is a great, welcoming touch to your home. One craft idea that I will definitely be using this spring is this old hanging tire utilized as a flower pot. I love that it recycles and repurposes something that otherwise would be trash and adds so much color and whimsy. 

5. Wash your windows
This tip sounds like a no brainer but after the harsh weather of fall and winter you would be surprised at just how dirty your windows can get! Clean windows round off your fresh curb appeal by adding a polished shine to the exterior of your home. 
Now that your home is the gem of your neighborhood sit back and enjoy or perhaps take advantage of this amazing real estate market and list with a realtor.  John Houston Custom Homes has many new communities that offer built in curb appeal with their new homes. Beautiful attention to detail, custom features and landscaping come standard in all of our homes. Call today to set up an appointment and let us help you build Your Home, Your Way.