The Comte Story









When it came time to search for our next home, we decided to focus on a few specific subdivisions in our area. Lauren and I quickly realized John Houston Custom Homes was the common factor. They were the company that seemed to be everywhere we wanted to live. We were looking for a builder that set themselves apart from the competition and are happy to say, John Houston Custom Homes did just that. Their homes had greater detail and curb appeal giving them variation from one home to the next.

We were interested in finding a home that was ready to move in to and were granted that opportunity through their great selection of available homes. After owning a couple of houses, we had created a list of items we would have done differently with the plans and features we wished we could have had. John Houston Custom Homes proved to us that if waiting on construction is not for you, you can still find exactly what you are looking for.


The John Houston Custom Home team made our transition easier than we could have ever imagined. We used the JHouston Realty Group to list and market our current home and accepted an offer within the first two weeks. We constantly tell our friends how happy we were with the complete process and how satisfied we are with the quality and location of our home!