Reasons Why the Population Growth South of the Metroplex Isn't a Surprise to Those Who Call it Home

It's no secret that the state of Texas has garnered significant attention in the media for attracting large corporations and people over the last several years. With appealing home prices, lower taxes, and fewer business regulations, the state has experienced a large population increase specifically since 2008. While the highly populated North Texas cities have experienced a large amount of the growth, the smaller towns south of the DFW Metroplex have been undergoing rapid growth and development as well. In fact, according to this recent article, even large cities like Dallas are making the push to grow south.
So why is this not so much of a surprise to the residence that call these towns home? Here are a few reasons why.
1. Housing Prices are Affordable
Builders like John Houston Custom Homes have been building quality homes at affordable prices for years. Large lots and custom homes are not just a dream, they are a reality for buyers in these areas. Check out a list of communities and available homes here
2. Great Schools
One of the top concerns for families when they are moving is, "How are the schools?" Throughout many of the southern DFW cities, the ISD's are exemplary and it shows. Smaller classroom sizes and college prep courses along with the top ranked sports teams, have many of these schools ranking among the top in the state.

3. The Commute
Many of our John Houston Custom Homes communities are conveniently located to make your commute to work within the Metroplex easier. Having easy accessibility to work while being able to retreat home to a slower pace is a huge advantage for many. To find out which one of our communities would best fit your commute, call us at 866.646.6008.
4. Community
At John Houston Custom Homes, we believe in building relationships with our customers and with the communities in which we build. Many who live in these smaller towns can attest to the fact that a sense of community is one of the biggest draws to these areas. 
Community events, neighbors helping neighbors, smiling faces; its a way of life. We love building in the communities we build in and are excited about people discovering them as the growth south continues. 
To learn more about John Houston Custom Homes and the communities in which we build, call 866.646.6008 or visit our website at