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Action movies always place “the good guy” in a tough spot, a dangerous squeeze, a life-or-death situation that puts the audience on their heels and gets everyone’s hearts racing.  The quick decision and perfectly executed maneuvers of the lead characters ultimately create an outcome where all works out for the best in the end.

About a year ago, we were the lead characters in our own little action movie.  After our prior house had sold incredibly fast, we were in our tough spot.   We were transitioning from the Houston area to Midlothian, had no place to call home, all of our belongings in storage, and four energetic kids out of school for the summer.  Granted, it was not a dangerous, life-or-death scenario, but with our little rascals, one might characterize it as a real mayday moment (and some of our family and friends did).  We prayed and prayed and asked the good Lord to provide us with the strength and patience to maintain our and our kid’s sanity and happiness.  We also asked for some direction to put us where we are supposed to be.

Our prayers were answered with our realtor and friend, Kristi VanUnnik, and our John Houston beacon of light and master of optimism, Rob Poole.  We secured a nine month house rental in Midlothian through Kristi’s magic and a game plan to build our own, unique house through Rob’s keen knowledge of design/construction…AND it would be done before our rental contract expired. 

We moved into our rental, and then we went to work on the new-build.  Time was of the essence, as we could not afford to put our crew through any further interim moves.  Rob and the John Houston team worked diligently through the design phase to customize our plans and to check all the boxes that were important to us.  Then, it was time to build.  Doubters were aplenty.  Bets were actually wagered that our new house would not be finished before we had to be out of our rental.

We won all the bets!  Not only was our house completed on time, but the house is high quality and exceeded our expectations.  We are so blessed to have Rob and the John Houston team deliver on their promises.  They executed the maneuvers necessary to put us where we believe we are supposed to be - in a great community in a house we are excited to make our home.  Just like the conclusion of a good action movie, all has worked out for the best in the end.

Thank you to Rob Poole and the entire John Houston Team.
The Pustejovsky Family  

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