How to Turn Your House Into a Home

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Does anyone else often find themselves flipping through magazines or scrolling through Pinterest fantasizing about having the beautiful homes that fill the pages? Or what about the excitement you get from watching Joanna Gaines decorate and put unique touches on gorgeous Fixer Uppers? Many of you would like to challenge yourselves and take on the task of doing all the interior design for your home, while others would rather hire a specialist. For those of you that would like to decorate your own home, but do not know where to start, this blog is for you!!


At John Houston Custom Homes, we work with homebuyers every day that desire to have a home that directly reflects who they are. First, do not be afraid to invest in the little details. Making a home beautiful does not necessarily mean filling it with accessories. Decide which styles you prefer such as lighter woods vs. darker woods. It's important to take the time to customize cabinets, floors, fixtures and even blinds. 

Our Design Studio has everything you would ever need to create a home that is a direct reflection of who you are. You can see the latest trends and actually touch and feel quality samples of products to really get an idea of how they will fit in your home and your family’s lifestyle.

You will be inspired by stunning kitchen and bathroom vignettes while working one on one with our professional Design Consultants who guide you step by step through the selection process. By personalizing your space through our Design Studio, you create the home of your dreams and can have confidence that they will offer innovative solutions to quality that fits within your budget. [Click to Read More]


Next, research what you would like and what’s trending.  A few of 2017’s biggest trends include using greenery and neutral colors in homes. Research different decorating tricks such as making your curtains start at the ceiling while stopping an inch from the floor. This is especially important in smaller spaces because it makes the room appear larger. Another popular trend is using 3 or 4 colors max throughout your house. This helps the overall room to room flow of your home.


Last but not least, making proper use of spaces in your home. Large spaces should have large pieces of furniture or wall art. When decorating smaller rooms, remember that simple is best and consider storage to maximize every space.



We hope you found these tips helpful! See you next week on the The Story!