Call it what you will, but I call our JHouston experience “Heaven Sent.”

Our John Houston story can only be described as a swervy, curvy roller coaster. Not the kind you rattle and shake and get sick on, but one which you get scared, then laugh, smile and screech all at the same time. Initially, we were referred to JHouston by a family member who had built with them. I remember my husband “inspecting” my mother’s new home and commenting on what a great job the builders had done. Little did we know, a few months later, we would be walking into their office. As it were, our little Bentley family grew and we wanted to be closer to our families. We met with Rob and Lauren during that first visit to discuss these great plans we had developed ourselves to have our custom home built on a lot we would set out to find in Midlothian. Lauren and Rob listened, complimented our design choices and explained how JHCH could help us. The thing I remember most was how they tried to get to know “us”. How our family dynamic worked with a busy mommy and daddy, a 2-year old and a golden retriever, it certainly is “dynamic” what we needed out of our house and what would make it a home. They made us feel comfortable and confident in our plans. We left the meeting knowing we had made friends.

Despite knowing our future build was multiple months from even getting thought about, Lauren kept in contact. She emailed every so often just to say hi and check on us. We placed a deposit on a lot and it seemed our dream was becoming a reality. Then, as they do, plans changed and we had to place our dream home on hold. Yet, we still knew we had friends in Rob and Lauren which is why, when the door opened for us again, we headed back to their office. This time we were unsure of what to do. Should we build or buy? Our timeline with pending job start dates had significantly decreased during our sabbatical and we needed guidance and advice. They greeted us with open arms and a bounty of knowledge.

We ended up viewing a completed home in Shiloh Forest Estates that we had looked at previously during our visit to the neighborhood when it was just a frame. Seeing the finished product instantly made us fall in love. Lauren and Rob immediately went into action making this home work out for us. We prayed for direction in our house hunt and Lauren even said she had prayed the right family would move in to this particular house. Call it what you will, but I call our JHouston experience “Heaven Sent.”

- The Bentley Story