As far as my family is concerned, John Houston has re-affirmed the “Customer Satisfaction” mantra that so many companies seem to overlook these days.

My wife and I have been married for four and a half years now and as do so many other American Families, we made the decision to grow our family. God blessed our family with our first boy in May 2012. It was, without a doubt, the happiest day of our lives. After returning home from the hospital, my wife and I realized the need to increase our living space with the addition of people in the family. As a result, we decided it was time to sell our 1,600 square foot, 3 bedroom / 2 bathroom house and began looking to procure a home with the additional space needed for a growing family. After visiting countless open houses and extensive due diligence by researching builders, we elected to purchase and build a home with John Houston in the Shannon Creek edition of Burleson, Texas.

The sales representative, Scott Eyer, was without a doubt the nicest and most genuine sales representative that my wife and I had the pleasure of meeting during our home search – and we met with a long list of builders and sales agents. It was because of his demeanor, disposition and overall enthusiastic attitude that we chose John Houston as our Home Builder. As the blue prints, plans and designs starting coming to fruition, we had the additional pleasure of meeting the lead builder and several of the contractors that John Houston uses for their home building applications. Every individual that I spoke to treated me with the utmost respect and made me feel important.

My wife and I consider ourselves Christians and have pledged to raise our children in a Christian environment. As a result, we feel that the Lord has blessed us beyond measure and we know that we owe everything to Him. We continually prayed for direction with regards to where we should put our roots down as this would be the place where we raised our son. This would be “home” to our family. When we met Scott Eyer and all of the other John Houston representatives, we knew that the direction we had prayed for was being provided.

John Houston has gone above and beyond with regards to satisfying my family’s needs and wants. They have personally changed my opinion of what I thought a Home Builder does. I simply thought that John Houston was a company that specialized in building homes for families at reasonable prices. However, I have come to realize that John Houston and its staff are extended family, and that their number one priority is making their customers completely and utterly satisfied.

My family experienced many obstacles along the way during the production of our home and at each “road block” there was a kind and friendly John Houston representative there to personally assist us in eliminating said obstacle or road block. We feel truly blessed to have been able to do business with the extraordinary people of John Houston and have highly recommended them to our friends, families, co-workers, peers and acquaintances. To date, we have made four recommendations that have resulted in new home builds within the Burleson and Mansfield areas. Those friends and family that have built with John Houston have been completely satisfied with their experiences.

Now God has blessed us yet again. My wife is pregnant with our second boy who is due in August 2015. I cannot begin to count the number of blessings that our Lord has bestowed upon the Byerley family. However, the four most important gifts that the Lord has provided to me are 1) my wife, Kelly Byerley 2) my eldest son, Jackson Byerley 3) my yet-to-be-born son, Hudson Byerley and 4) our John Houston Home.

As far as my family is concerned, John Houston has re-affirmed the “Customer Satisfaction” mantra that so many companies seem to overlook these days. We are extremely proud of the home that John Houston built for our family. We cannot provide enough praise to the phenomenal group of men and women that make up the John Houston Team.

- The Byerley Story