The rest is history. I put down a deposit and called my husband and told him I found the perfect house.

While driving in Duncanville and living a short distance from my mother and being the main caretaker for her prior to losing her December 29, 2012, I started praying about updating our current home or moving to another location. I told my daughter, Donna, who was going to assist me in the remodel, that I would like to start looking south where I have two sons and a sister living. Around the first part of January, I had a dream about moving. I woke up and heard an audible voice saying Red Oak, so I started the journey. January 7, 2013 my realtor friend and I wanted to have lunch together so we met and looked at several homes on the east side of Red Oak. On the way back to Duncanville, we drove through Ovilla and looked at a house there as well. I didn’t have peace about any of the homes or the location of the homes we toured.

My husband was in North Carolina with intentions of helping his mother with his brother who had surgery. My husband got deathly ill and ended up in the ER on the third day of his visit. He was so sick and went to the doctor a couple more times before flying back home.

My daughter came to visit from Arkansas. She had been looking at homes in this area on the internet. She said, “Mom, we need to drive out and look in the Harmony addition." We saw a house and called a realtor and she didn’t answer the phone, so we went to the model home and met Renee and Alicia. We went with Alicia and saw a house not exactly what I desired and she said, “There is a house I know you will love!” Well, lo and behold this was the house I was looking for. When I retired from the Dallas County I wanted an office / prayer room. Also, I had updated my old house with French doors and this house had French doors going into the office. In my desires for a house I wanted stone front and a small yard with patio. The wood floors in the entry and family room were perfect. The closet in the master bedroom was a dream come true. Also, the beautiful granite in the kitchen was the exact pattern I wanted to construct in my old home. The pantry at the end of the functional kitchen was ideal. This was my cottage below and I was reminded of an old song I learned as a child that my mother sang in church.

We drove back to the model home and my daughter said, “Mom, if you want this house you better go and talk to Renee because someone is coming back for the second time this evening.” Well, the rest is history. I put down a deposit and called my husband and told him I found the perfect house. He returned home a few days later. He was very weak, but wanted to see the house online and was ready to sign the documents and use his VA loan. God is so good and I believe as we trust and wait on him, he will direct our path. In one of my life scriptures is Proverbs 3:4-5. I thank God first and for J Houston Homes and Prime Lending who made all this possible. We are better together as we continue to build lifelong relationships.

- The Carol L. Beane Story