We not only built our dream home, we also feel like everyone that helped us in the process has become a part of our family.

Our story starts out a little sad because on May 6, 2013 our family changed forever. My father passed away suddenly and what started out as a couple weeks of getting adjusted to being without my father, my mom decided after being married for over 42 years, she didn’t want to go back to her house and live by herself. She preferred to live with us if we didn’t mind. This was wonderful except that our 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house was not big enough for 3 adults and 2 growing kids. It was pretty evident that we needed to find something bigger and also start the process of selling my mom’s house since it was empty. After a few days of unsuccessful online searches for an existing home that fit what we were looking for, and after much prayer, we decided to go ahead and look into building.

Our kids attend Life School Red Oak, so moving closer to their school made the most sense. I remember seeing a John Houston Custom Home sign off I-35 and I asked a few people whether they knew about him and if he was a good builder. Every single one said his reputation was impeccable and he built great homes. I didn’t even think about looking at another builder.

After a drive down Ovilla Road, my mom and I decided to drive into the Ovilla Creek neighborhood one Sunday after church. There was a really sweet lady in the trailer and she told us there was one house that was available because the buyers’ financing didn’t work out. We went to look at it and fell in love even though it wasn’t exactly what we were looking for. She told us about the lots that were available and I told her I would be back with my husband and we would go from there. Fast-forward 2 weeks later and with the whole family in tow, we made our way back to Ovilla Creek. That was the day that truly sealed the deal for us because we met Melanie Davis. I’m in tears right now as I think about how God put Melanie in our lives to help guide us through this process that we didn’t know was going to be full of ups and downs. It was Melanie’s first day and she was so excited it was contagious.

That day in June 2013 started the process of building a home that would not only give us more room, but also provide a more a comfortable space for my mom. It was bittersweet because at the same time we had to get my mom’s house ready to sell. While we were discussing this with Melanie, she recommended connecting us with Michelle Ozymy from John Houston Realty to help with listing my mom’s home and getting it ready to go on the market. We planned to use some of the finances from the sell of my mom’s home toward the down payment on the new home. This meant we had a contingency on our financing. Both Melanie and Michelle were so patient and they constantly encouraged us every step of the way. Everything seemed to be moving along with building our new home and then we got a call from Melanie informing us that we had to build in a different neighborhood due to unforeseen circumstances. One thing that always stood out for us with Melanie is that she was always working towards a solution and never focused on the problem. She already had another option for us and took us to see lots in Ovilla Parc.

Now that we are in Ovilla Parc, we know this was another setup from God to bless us. After the first home we built was finished, Melanie was very honest with us and let us know that we only had a very short amount of time to get the other house sold because they wouldn’t be able to hold the new home for us. But even after they took the sold sign out of the yard and made the house available, it still seemed like everything was going to work out because no one purchased the home for several months. We have always said that God is in control and everything happens for a reason, but when the reason includes you losing the home that you spent the last 6 months excited to move into, it actually feels like God is punishing you. Which is exactly how we felt in June 2014 when we got the call from Melanie that a family that was moving to town put a contract on our home and were scheduled to close in 2 weeks. We were devastated. Melanie cried with us and reassured us that God had another plan and we just had to believe that everything was working out for our good. Melanie was right because exactly 2 weeks after the house we built sold, a family made an offer on my mom’s house. On July 1, 2014 she signed the contract to sell her home. We immediately called Melanie and she said they already had the perfect lot for us and that if we wanted to, we could build again on the same street just 2 lots down from where we originally built. We kept thinking that God is so AWESOME. He put the right people in our lives because he knew exactly what was going to happen. Not only were we able to build again, we were also able to add a few things that we didn’t think about originally and make a few adjustments. Now we are living in our beautiful dream home that we know was exactly what God had for us.

We are so blessed to have met Melanie and everyone in the John Houston family. We not only built our dream home, we also feel like everyone that helped us in the process has become a part of our family. My father always taught me if someone gives you great customer service, make sure to tell someone else about it. With that being said, we just found out that one of our friends, who prayed with us through our process, just signed their contract to build with John Houston Custom Homes in Mansfield. We are so excited for them!!!

We will continue to share our story and recommend John Houston to as many people as we can. We pray that God continues to bless the entire John Houston Custom Home Family. Thank you so much for everything!

- The Gardner Story