Welcome Back to School

This week, many students throughout North Texas headed back to school. I for one, have always been a big fan of this time of year. As a kid, it was the new clothes, matching my binders to my pencils and my backpack....wait, you didn't do that? I know I can't be the only one that did that! #longlivethetrapperkeeper. Sorry, I digress. Now, as an adult, I love it because my own kids are back to school (I have become a lover of routine in my old age) and I can just smell the pumpkin spice everything from now through Thanksgiving. 

All this back to school talk has had me thinking about my favorite thing in school...show and tell! I spent many an afternoon scouring my room for the perfect enviable show and tell item to show all my peers at school. I loved seeing what everyone else's most valued possessions were as well while we all ooooo'd and awwww'd. That was definitely one of my favorite parts about elementary school. But it got me thinking that not much has changed in that area. As a Marketing Specialist for John Houston Custom Homes and a homeowner I must say, I love showing and telling everyone all about our beautiful, quality homes and communities. Its like everyday is show and tell for me and here is why that is so awesome! 
John Houston Custom Homes has long been known by our #buildyourstorywithus marketing where are customer testimonials and their beautiful family portraits are proudly displayed on our billboards. Not only do we love showing off our homes, we love and encourage our homeowners to do the same. We do this because we know and understand the quality, craftsmanship and heart that goes behind each home. Our homes are more than just brick and mortar, they are the relationships created in the process and the stories that go on to live within their walls.

Allow our team of experienced sales managers show you all of our various locations throughout North Texas. Then, be prepared to tell your friends and family about your new dream home as you #buildYOURstorywithus. Our homes and the difference you will experience with John Houston Custom Homes is something we just can't keep to ourselves and our customers seem to agree! Come see for yourself today! 866.646.6008