Building The Future: Career Day at Life School Red Oak

Looking out across the sea of young, eager faces and red uniform shirts at the Career Day event at Life School Red Oak Elementary, was a sweet reminder at just how bright our future is. What an honor to have a little time carved out in each of their lives to speak to them about our passion for building relationships, building homes, and  even of building the future at John Houston Custom Homes.

Together with our Vice President of Sales, Jason Dodson and Architectural Designer, Rich Ean, we presented to multiple second and fourth grade classes at Life School Red Oak about the exciting world of home building. From starting with an architectural plan, to meeting with customers, and finally seeing the plan come to life, Rich excited the kids with his passion for creating. He encouraged them to do well in school in the areas of math and science and spoke of how awesome it is to marry that world together with art and creativity and come out with architecture. He encouraged them to go to college and work hard and do well in school.

Jason spoke to them from the builders perspective and caught the attention of all the little fans of building blocks and Legos. He spoke to them about his passion for building that started as early as their age and how they too can turn that passion into a career in home building. He went through the fun steps of the home building process like laying the foundation and framing the home and everything in between. He also spoke about his favorite part of his job which is giving our #happyhomeowners their keys and seeing their dream home realized and ultimately building their story in that home.

The kids were excited and engaged and asked great, relevant questions regarding the process and how they too can become architects and home builders. What a treat it was to see them get so excited about something we at John Houston Custom Homes are so passionate about. We greatly look forward to the future in hopes that these little minds were in some way touched by this day as we certainly were. Thanks to Life School Red Oak Elementary for allowing us to be a part of Career Day.

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