The Complete Guide To Moving
















It’s that time again…. MOVING TIME!! At John Houston Custom Homes, we see families begin this process on a regular basis. In the past few months, our company faced a large move ourselves, into our new corporate office. Granted, we only moved one street over, it was still a move! Many people live and thrive on the excitement that comes with starting a new adventure. Others, are not as enthusiastic when it comes to pulling the house apart and packing up rooms that are filled with so many memories, just to turn around and unpack them. Whether, you enjoy the process or not, a few simple steps can be taken to avoid all the stress and headaches, making this process more enjoyable and less exhausting.


First, you must take into account the amount of belongings that you will be moving. This will help you to determine whether it makes more sense for you to have family and loved ones help you move or if you should hire a moving company. Whether you pack up your home in a few weeks or if it takes a few months, don’t be afraid to ask for help! Having help can often relieve stress.

Create a checklist and being the pre-packing process. This process is key and can often be the most stressful when it comes to transferring all of your belongings into your new home. Simply start off going room by room and organizing your belongings. Start with sorting through the smaller things such as clothing and perishables and work your way up to pieces offurniture or even larger electronics. As you begin to tackle your checklist, don’t forget to sell or donate items that you no longer need! By organizing your home room by room, this can accelerate the moving process and ensure that everything has its place when the movers transition you.

If the thought of moving your entire home by yourself is too much to bare, check out this link for some excellent movers around the DFW and Waco area! After the movers have relocated all of your belongings, take time to make sure that everything has a place. Oftentimes, much of the stress that comes with moving is having unrealistic time frames. Do not stress yourself out, if you are not all settled in after one week! Unpacking will take time and can be tackled by knocking out a few boxes each day. If you would rather shoot for everything being unpacked in one week, invite a few friends or family members over to help. You can knock out unpacking in no time!

After you are all settled in, celebrate and enjoy your brand new home by hosting a dinner with a few friends and family. Order in a pizza and save an extra slice for those that labored with you. There is no greater joy than spending quality time with loved ones in that special  dream home of yours. 


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