6 Leftover Turkey Recipes

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At John Houston Custom Homes, we believe in Building Lifelong Relationships. With the Holiday Season nearing, we are given the opportunity for these relationships to grow and expand. Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays. We are able to gather together with family and friends to stuff our bellies with delicious food. However, if you’re anything like our families, you’re left with an impossible amount of leftovers, leaving you with a fridge full of Tupperware. Today’s blog is for YOU! Say goodbye to turkey sandwiches and hello to these quick and easy recipes that are sure to be a “crowd-pleaser”!


Turkey Chili | New York Times


Turkey Pot Pie | Taste of Home


Turkey Fettuccine | Taste of Home


Turkey Tostadas | Eating Well


Turkey Cobb Salad | Countryside Cravings


Turkey Breakfast Casserole | Amanda's Cookin'



With these delicious recipes, there can never be too much turkey! We hope that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. See you next time on The Story!